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Specialists in Production & Prototype Laser Cutting
Why Laser Cutting?

Laser cutting works by directing the output of a high-power laser, by computer at the material to be cut. The material then either melts, burns, vaporises or is blown away by a jet of gas leaving an edge with a high-quality surface finish.

The Benefits We Offer Our Laser Cutting Customers

With our commitment to continuous investment in our plant, our processes, our premises and in our people, Lasered Components’ laser cutting expertise allows us to always offer enhanced benefits to every customer:

  • High level precision, speed and accuracy
  • High level of detail and consistency
  • Fast turnaround times with minimum lead time
  • One off or high volume runs, allows for prototypes, samples and production batches
  • Clean cut edges without burr or dust formation
  • Wide range of materials can be cut in various thicknesses and combinations in one operation
  • Low cost of parts – no tooling costs

Our Customer Journey

At Lasered Components, our combination of robust processes with excellent communication and technical know-how gives us complete comfort and versatility to deliver outstanding customer service across the many industry sectors we serve – from the heavy mechanical handling industry to the demanding tolerances of the aerospace and automotive industries.
Our step by step process involves:

  • Detailed technical advice from your initial contact whenever required.
  • Accepting your data/designs in any format including; drawings, templates, DXF and DWG files (which can be uploaded on our GET A QUOTE page).
  • Generating CAD/CAM designs from the data supplied.
  • Facilitating chain collaboration.
  • Working to an agreed production schedule, including our ‘Just-in-Time’ and Kanban procedures.
  • Offering rapid turnaround, often within hours, with customers benefitting from our 24 hour operation.
  • Maximum efficiency in production flow due to our capability of moving nested programmes from one machine to another (subject to sheet size)
  • Operating a fully traceable production system with job sheets and data from the initial enquiry stage.
  • Rapid despatch, whether local or international.

What our customers say

A lot of our customer base is OEMs who are active across diverse industries here and overseas, so the demands placed on price, quality and adherence to delivery schedules are very high” – Lasered’s MD, Kevin Willett
“Our choice of technology ticks all the boxes for us in matching customer demands, whilst also delivering energy efficiency, high process reliability and flexibility for processing a variety of material types and thicknesses” - Lasered’s Operations Director, Karl Willett
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