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Fruitful Fibre Technology for Lasered Components

Bystronic BySprint Fiber Laser at Lasered Components

In keeping with a growing reputation for world class service, Essex-based Lasered Components Ltd. has underpinned an ambitious growth programme by opting to install a new Bystronic BySprint Fiber 3015 – a state of the art laser cutting system.

As specialists in production and prototype laser and water cutting, Fibre Laser technology is the fourth addition to Lasered Component’s growing family of Bystronic Lasers and is expected to offer customers an unprecedented parts output in the thin sheet range, yet retain the power to cut steel up to 3/4" thick with high process reliability and precision.

Owner of family-run Lasered Components, Kevin Willett, explains that the new machine matches his vision to continually offer customers enhanced benefits:

Bystronic BySprint Fiber Laser at Lasered Components
“The BySprint Fiber 3015 ticks all the boxes for us in matching customer demands, whilst also delivering energy efficiency, high process reliability and flexibility for processing a variety of material types and thicknesses. This installation demonstrates our strategy of continued investment in technology, training and premises, to capitalize on our market share and to open up new markets too.”

Lasered’s Operations Director, Karl Willett has been swiftly won over by the versatility of the new fibre laser:

“Once I had experienced for myself that fibre lasers are indeed faster and cheaper than CO2 lasers for thin sheet metal and that they cut very cleanly, I knew that this would provide the ideal solution to the thin material cutting orders that our customers are asking for - demands for sheet metal cut to thicknesses up to 5mm are commonplace here.

From an ops point of view it is also extremely economical in operation, allowing us to increase our productivity. For example, with a metal sheet thickness of 1mm, the system processes 3 times more cut parts than a CO2 laser cutting machine. The high energy efficiency means low power consumption which contributes to our environmental credentials too. Anything that cuts faster and saves energy is an obvious boon to our business.”

Lasered Components are committed long-term users of Bystronic machines because of their quality and reliability, Kevin adds;

“we enjoy a fruitful relationship with Bystronic UK. Our operators are supremely trained in the running and programming of multi Bystronic systems, which means adding the BySprint Fiber to our current Bystronic machines enables smooth production across the factory.”

August 2012

Bystronic Bystar Laser at Lasered Components

Lasered Components has purchased a 6KW 3000 x 1500 sheet capacity Bystronic Bystar Laser.

This will increase cutting capabilities in all thicknesses, allowing us to offer our customers laser cut parts up to 25mm thick in Mild steel, 20mm thick in Stainless steel and 12mm thick in Aluminium.

May 2012

Lasered Components LTD Team Photo

Lasered Components has just finished its busiest and best year to date through more competitive pricing, on time and reliable delivery service.

We would like to thank all of our customers and suppliers for a great year.

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